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Legislators Bring the World to Annapolis

Legislators and officials in Annapolis welcomed delegations from Maryland’s 20 sister state relationships late last month to showcase their programs’ achievements over the past year at the annual Sister States Legislative Reception. The event also fosters greater cultural awareness in the Maryland community through special food, drinks, and items characteristic of each of Maryland’s sister states (in 17 countries total) set up at tables in an exhibit hall. This year’s reception, which was held January 30, also featured cultural performances by Chinese Taiji dancers and Korean drummers. The embassies of Estonia, Mexico, Turkey, Peru, Russia, Israel, Japan, and China—all part of Maryland’s sister states network—were also represented. In total, the reception attracted...view

Philippine High School Students to Spend Summer in Virginia City

The deadline is fast approaching for high school students from Cagayan de Oro, in the Philippines, to apply to visit Norfolk, Virginia, as part of a new summer exchange program between the two sister cities later this year. The Philippine students will stay with Norfolk High School students and their families during the first half of July, and are expected to visit local monuments, museums, parks, souvenir shops, and the city’s naval base. They will also visit the Philippine Embassy in Washington, D.C. The new program was organized by Cheryl McGarrigle, chair of the Cagayan de Oro Sister City Committee. It will continue next year, when Norfolk High School students will be the ones to visit Cagayan de Oro. Norfolk and Cagayan de Oro became sister cities in 2008, at the...view

Delegates in PyeongChang

The City of Auburn Goes to the Olympics

A delegation from the City of Auburn, Washington will touch down in South Korea this week to attend the opening ceremony of the 2018 Winter Olympics. They come at the invitation of host city PyeongChang, who counts Auburn as its only American sister city. Seven delegates, including Auburn Mayor Nancy Backus and others involved with the sister city program, will join delegations from PyeongChang’s sister cities in Japan, China, and Mongolia for the opening ceremony. The cities of Auburn and PyeongChang entered into talks to become sister cities nearly a decade ago. The relationship was finalized in 2011, the same year the South Korean county won its bid to host the 2018 Winter Games. Sister city officials cited the budding relationship between Auburn and...view

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