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Fukui Delegation visits New Brunswick Town Hall

Kusakabe Taro: the Samurai Connecting New Brunswick and Fukui

 From October 4th through the 7th New Brunswick, New Jersey hosted a delegation from Fukui, Japan to celebrate 35 years of friendship. The two cities formed their sister city relationship in 1982, committing to exchanging ideas and culture in order to promote peace and grow together. Their partnership has led to the growth of student exchange programs, cultural ambassador programs, and more. The Fukui delegation consisted of over 40 people including the Vice Mayor and members of the City Council; members of the Junior Chamber of Commerce; and members of the Fukui International Citizens Association New Brunswick planned for a very full and entertaining visit. In the spirit of engaging youth in cultural exchange, the Junior Chamber of Commerce brought with them two...view

School Supplies presented to Assistant Deputy Headmaster and Mayor of Zomba, by

Urbana and Zomba: Improving Quality of Life in Urban Southeast Africa

Contributed by: Councilman Dennis Roberts of Urbana, Illinois Several years after receiving a grant to address urban poverty through water, health, and sanitation projects, Urbana, Illinois continues to help its sister city Zomba, Malawi reach its full potential through projects that improve the lives of Zomba citizens. The relationship between Urbana and Zomba began in 2008. Two years later, Urbana was awarded an African Urban Poverty Alleviation Program (AUPAP) grant to address local health problems in sister city Zomba as well as promote peace and prosperity through people-to-people collaboration. This two-year grant allowed Urbana and Zomba to work towards improving the sanitation and health of Zomba during the project’s two-year time span. Seven years after being...view

 Mayor of Gbarnga City visit MAryland to meet Baltimore Mayor Catherine Pugh

Welcoming the Mayor of Gbarnga City, Liberia to the City of Baltimore

Contributed by  Mr. Wesley Chenoweth, General Secretary of the Maryland Liberia Sister States Program The mayor of Gbarnga City, Liberia, Viola Cooper, and a delegation of dignitaries traveled to their sister city, Baltimore, MD last month. The sister cities partnership between Gbarnga City and Baltimore dates back to 1973, making it Baltimore’s oldest sister cities relationship. The delegation met with Baltimore’s mayor, Catherine Pugh, and discussed Liberia’s rich and progressive history of female elected officials. Liberia is home to Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, Africa’s first female president. Mayor Viola Cooper and her delegation later met with John Wobensmith, secretary of state of Maryland. The event, hosted by the Maryland Sister States Program, showcased...view

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