Eisenhower Advisory Council

In 1956, President Dwight D. Eisenhower and the early pioneers of the sister cities movement believed that if people could cross national boundaries and get to know each other personally, their mutual respect and understanding could transform diplomatic relations. As the world has changed and technology has enhanced our ability to communicate, the opportunities for these relationships have grown into a force for economic development. To guide the promise of Sister Cities International for the next 50 years, we have established the Eisenhower Advisory Council for Economic Development to promote peace and prosperity through partnership.

The Eisenhower Advisory Council is a steering committee of corporations, academic institutions, NGOs, and outstanding leaders who share the belief that global peace and shared prosperity can be achieved through the cultural, educational, and economic development that Sister Cities International provides. Serving as an advisory board for Sister Cities International and its affiliates, Eisenhower Advisory Council members provide support for Sister Cities International's work to promote peace through three key areas:

  • Cultural exchange
  • International development and Humanitarianism
  • Global economic development

The Eisenhower Advisory Council is a unique opportunity for organizations committed to economic growth, diplomacy, cultural awareness, and global corporate social responsibility to support an organization founded on these principles, with a proven history of developing mutually beneficial relationships and sowing the seeds for peace and prosperity on every continent. The Advisory Council helps guide these grassroots relationships to become sustainable positive economic drivers in communities within the US and throughout the world.

For more information about joining the Eisenhower Advisory Council, contact us at info@sistercities.org

Promoting Peace through Prosperity"
Eisenhower Advisory Council

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