GreenPort Congress 2018

05/16/2018 - 05/18/2018

May 16-18, 2018

Location: Baltimore Convention Center, 1 West Pratt Street, Baltimore, MD 21201

The GreenPort Congress is an international sustainability-themed port conference held every year (usually in Europe). In 2018, it will be in North America for the first time. It is hosted by Port of Baltimore, Maryland Department of Transportation, and Maryland Department of the Environment. The conference provides a forum to create partnerships working towards making our ports greener and smarter, allowing a co-ordinated approach of the port-marine related industry and business. GreenPort Congress targets new innovations in equipment with leading-edge technology that improves port efficiency and productivity, exploring latest practices and ensuring port users keep up-to-pace with current and forthcoming legislation.

Baltimore Sister Cities and Maryland Sister States helped the Maryland Port Administration attract international speakers and attendees to this conference. Come to this conference to hear speakers from our sister countries talk about their innovations that make ports more sustainable! 
1. Speakers from our sister countries
There will be speakers from Japan, the Netherlands, Germany, and Liberia — countries where Baltimore city and the state of Maryland have sister relationships.
2. Sister Port Panel
The panel features speakers from these ports: Tacoma and Seattle from USA with their sister ports Kobe and Kitakyushu from Japan, and Port of Monrovia in Liberia (Liberia has sister relationships with Baltimore city and the state of Maryland).
The panel highlights the benefits of sister ports working together to do knowledge exchanges, solve problems, and collaborate on projects.
3. Trash-Eaters in the Harbor!
A demo of innovative trash-eating technologies that clean the debris out of our waterways, including Mr. Trash Wheel and other technologies from Maryland and from Rotterdam (Baltimore’s sister city in the Netherlands.) Demo takes place in Baltimore’s Inner Harbor.
4. Sister Port Reception
Baltimore Sister Cities, Maryland Sister States, and the Ports of Seattle and Tacoma will host a special reception for the speakers from their sister countries. (This is not part of the official conference program.)

The “early bird” discount on registration ends in mid-February 2018. The full program will be posted later in February. 

More information and registration:

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