Albany, Oregon44.630278-123.096111
Arcahaie, Haiti18.766667-72.516667
Atlantic City, New Jersey39.377297-74.451082
Aurora, Colorado39.695833-104.808056
Bad Soden am Taunus, Germany50.1333338.500000
Balçova Municipality, Turkey38.38555627.058056
Bamberg County, South Carolina33.297865-81.033109
Beverly Hills, California34.073620-118.400356
Bonner Springs, Kansas39.057240-94.881879
Boyne City, Michigan45.216667-85.013889
Briarcliff, Texas30.411389-98.045000
Cabedelo, Brazil-6.966667-34.833333
Çankaya, Turkey39.92444432.885556
Carthage, North Carolina35.329444-79.408611
Charleston, Illinois39.496146-88.176152
Cincinnati, Ohio39.103118-84.512020
City of Camboriú, Brazil-26.995278-48.635556
Cleveland, Ohio41.482222-81.669722
Columbia, Missouri38.965989-92.374934
Commerce City, Colorado39.840833-104.901111
Concord, North Carolina35.408752-80.579511
Dayton, Oregon45.220556-123.078056
Delray Beach, Florida26.461463-80.072820
Denver, Colorado39.737567-104.984718

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