Apalachicola, Florida29.725278-84.992500
Boynton Beach, Florida26.525349-80.066431
Clearwater, Florida27.965853-82.800103
Coral Gables, Florida25.750000-80.271111
Crestview, Florida30.754181-86.572800
Delray Beach, Florida26.461463-80.072820
Doral, Florida25.822040-80.334238
Dunedin, Florida28.019740-82.771768
Fort Lauderdale, Florida26.135833-80.141944
Fort Pierce, Florida27.438889-80.335556
Gainesville, Florida29.651630-82.324800
Gulfport, Florida27.746315-82.705835
Jacksonville, Florida30.330068-81.659046
Kissimmee, Florida28.291956-81.407571
Lakeland, Florida28.041111-81.958889
Miami Beach, Florida25.813025-80.134064
Miami Dade County, Florida25.788970-80.226400
Miami Gardens, Florida25.942122-80.269919
Miami Gardens, Florida25.942122-80.269919
Miramar, Florida25.975670-80.286750
Mount Dora, Florida28.802459-81.644782
New Port Richey, Florida28.244177-82.719267
North Miami, Florida25.890095-80.186714
Palm Bay, Florida27.998983-80.670591
Pensacola, Florida30.433333-87.200000

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