Sister CityAlexandria, Egypt31.19800029.919200
Sister CityBahir Dar, Ethiopia11.60000037.383333
Sister CityBangalore, India12.96666777.566667
Sister CityBrasov, Romania45.66000025.610000
Sister CityBratislava, Slovakia48.16000017.130000
Sister CityConakry, Guinea9.509167-13.712222
Sister CityFieri, Albania40.73001919.573259
Sister CityGdansk, Poland54.36666718.633333
Sister CityHeidenheim, Germany48.68350810.154444
Sister CityHolon, Israel32.01666734.766667
Sister CityIbadan, Nigeria7.3963893.916667
Sister CityKlaipeda, Lithuania55.71111121.130556
Sister CityLima, Peru-12.043333-77.028333
Sister CityLjubljana, Slovenia46.05138914.505556
Sister CityMiskolc, Hungary48.10416720.791667
Sister CityRouen, France49.4432321.099971
Sister CitySegundo Montes, El Salvador13.766667-88.266667
Sister CityVincenza, Italy45.55000011.550000
Sister CityVolgograd, Russia48.70000044.516667
Sister CityWest Mayo, Ireland53.900000-9.250000
Sister CityCleveland County, United Kingdom 54.525000-1.189000
Sister CityTaipei Municipality, Taiwan25.033333121.633333
Sister CityCleveland, United Kingdom54.525000-1.189000

Interactive City Directory

Cleveland, Ohio
41.482222 -81.669722

Population: 438042



Contact Name: Valarie McCall

Contact Email:

Contact Phone: 216-664-3544

Seeking New Sister Cities

Cleveland, Ohio seeks new relationships in the following regions:

  • North America
  • Eastern Europe
  • Central Asia

Areas of interest for new exchanges:

  • Organizing global travel exchanges
  • Youth/Student exchange programs
  • Economic partnerships/Business development/Trade delegations
  • Municipal governance exchanges
  • Hosting Annual/Regional conferences

Take Action

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