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Sister Cities International's logo are property of Sister Cities International and may not be duplicated or replicated. Usage of the logo must be requested in writing and is only available for stand-alone uses on items and events directly sponsored by Sister Cities International.

Sister Cities International dues-paying members in good standing are authorized to publish an official electronic "Member badge" and use Sister Cities International's tagline “Connect globally. Thrive locally” in all and any case accompanied by the Member Badge. To receive your annual Member Badge, email communications@sistercities.org.

To inquire about using the logo, contact communications@sistercities.org.

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This year marks a pivotal moment during which Sister Cities International is celebrating 60 years of peace through people. Get involved in this momentous year.
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As the world becomes smaller, and connections online become more frequent than face-to-face interactions, multicultural understanding at the community level is more important than ever. Sister Cities International enables citizen diplomats in communities across the world to develop relationships with communities in other countries that are based on cultural understanding and mutual cooperation.Donate