Medical Services for Travelers

All traveling Sister Cities International members are now eligible to receive preferential rates for Travel Medicine Services and Vaccinations at all Passport Health clinics nationwide! 

Passport Health

Many countries require documented proof of vaccines to even cross the country’s borders, and several diseases that have been eradicated or are not present in the U.S. are prevalent in overseas destinations. The last thing any traveler wants is for a preventable illness to ruin the trip of a lifetime! Passport Health services include travel vaccinations, consultations, and medications.

A visit to Passport Health includes:

Complete Travel Health Consultation

  • Discussion of destination-specific health risks and strategies to mitigate them
  • Vaccine Record and Medical History Review to determine the exact vaccines you need
  • Vaccine consultation and education
  • All travel and routine vaccines, based on your health history and destination
  • Complete malaria prophylaxis
  • Travel supplies
  • Personalized, bound "itinerary" with destination-specific information for your trip

Sister Cities International members may take advantage of this feature by following the prompts given by the system and booking the appointment as directed. Please mention Sister Cities International when scheduling and arriving for your appointment to receive preferential rates. To schedule an appointment, call 1-888-499-PASS or visit

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