Announcement: New Affiliation Policy


Please note that Sister Cities International has recently made changes to its Affiliation Policy which affects the recognition of new and existing relationships. After soliciting feedback from local sister city organizations and review by Sister Cities International leadership, the following changes have been approved by the Executive Committee of Sister Cities International’s Board of Directors: 

U.S. communities forming relationships with international cities that already have a U.S. sister city are no longer required to secure a “cooperative agreement” from the existing U.S. partner in order to have their relationship formally recognized as a “sister city”

If two U.S. cities have the same sister city abroad, the city that first formed its relationship will be recognized as the “Charter Sister City” in Sister Cities International’s directory

To view the revised Affiliation Policy, please visit

If you have any questions about our new policy please email Adam Kaplan at or call 202-347-8630, and thank you again for the amazing work you do as citizen diplomats representing your communities and promoting peace and cooperation.

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