Cities - From Local to Global Panel Features Sister Cities International!


Sister Cities International's President and CEO, Mary D. Kane, moderated the "Cities - From Local to Global" panel at the Global Cities +SocialGood "the Future City" summit presented by Diplomatic Courier Magazine on July 9, 2014. The panel included Mayor Michael Nutter, City of Philadelphia; Mayor Marilyn Strickland, City of Tacoma; and Mayor Brad Cole, Former Mayor of Carbondale, IL and Chairman Emeritus, Sister Cities International. Panelists discussed the positive impact of sister cities relationships on their cities. Check out a stream of the panel here!


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This year marks a pivotal moment during which Sister Cities International is celebrating 60 years of peace through people. Get involved in this momentous year.
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As the world becomes smaller, and connections online become more frequent than face-to-face interactions, multicultural understanding at the community level is more important than ever. Sister Cities International enables citizen diplomats in communities across the world to develop relationships with communities in other countries that are based on cultural understanding and mutual cooperation.Donate