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Spotlight on your sister city program! One of the most popular parts of the Sister Cities International website is the City Search, where people from around the globe search to find their sister cities. With a membership profile, your sister city organization and its partnerships are highlighted. Sister Cities International also provides promotional services that help others learn about your program. Our Communications team assists members in getting the word out about upcoming events, activities, delegation visits, and other sister city-related experiences to the public, media, and a network of thousands of volunteers. Additionally, in a time of international crisis or controversy, Sister Cities International guides member programs to effectively respond to the issues at hand.

Crisis Communications & Media Relations: International events can catch any communications team off guard. We can guide you on how to effectively represent your program in times of crisis or controversy. Our media partnerships and media outreach can ensure that your activities get the attention they deserve. Email our communications team at for more information.

Event & Delegation Promotion: Need help promoting an upcoming inbound or outbound delegation? We can help spread the word through targeted emails, social media, press outreach, and our events calendar. Email our communications team at for more information.

Member Profiles: Show off your sister city program with a customizable member profile as well as profiles for all of your sister city partnerships. Use the City Search to the right-side of the screen to explore existing city and partnership profiles. Email to learn more about how to build yours.

Share Your Story: Let us tell your story to the world. We publicize your success through website articles, social media, and press outreach. Click here to submit your story today!

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This year marks a pivotal moment during which Sister Cities International is celebrating 60 years of peace through people. Get involved in this momentous year.
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As the world becomes smaller, and connections online become more frequent than face-to-face interactions, multicultural understanding at the community level is more important than ever. Sister Cities International enables citizen diplomats in communities across the world to develop relationships with communities in other countries that are based on cultural understanding and mutual cooperation.Donate